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Job stories - rather than Personas and User stories

I've used Personas and User stories so far but nowadays I started preferring "Job stories". 

What's wrong with Personas and User stories? 

According to the article, the problem with the user stories:  

  • They use Personas.
  • They couple implementation with motivations and outcomes.
  • They ignore context, situations, and anxieties.

The biggest problem is the too many assumptions:

Why "Job stories"?

Job Stories are a different way of thinking about defining features, UI, and UX.

Job Stories are based on Causalities, Anxieties, Motivations: 

To create a job story: 

  1. Start with the high level job.
  2. Identify a smaller job or jobs which help resolve the higher level job.
  3. Observe how people solve the problem now (which job do they currently use).
  4. Come up with a Job Story, or Job Stories, that investigate the causality, anxieties, and motivations of what they do now.
  5. Create a solution (usually in the form of a feature or UI change) which resolves that Job Story.