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Apr 18, 2017
Croatian motorbike tour - Day 5

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The day started great , but the afternoon turned into a nightmare because of the weather.

here is the morning view from Villa Mediterana in Seget Vranjica:

And my breakfast view:

My itinerary for this day was the following: 
Trogir - Primostein - Sibenik - May be Murter - Starigrad with lunch break - and then Sveti Juraj then finally Krasno Polje


... after the breakfast I headed to Trogir: 


Next to Sibenik:

And the nightmare started ... 

Till this time there was a fine weather. But after I left Sibenik ... more and more serious rain, 7 ℃ and strong wind... Ahhh. This weather is not for riding a motorbike.
It started around 2 PM. I arrived to Starigrad around 3PM. then took a lunch in the same Restaurant I did couple of days ago:

Then headed to Sveti Juraj. 
Heavy wind. so heavy. That was the biggest problem because it makes the ride unbalanced and uncertain. Plus water on the streets, rain, and 6.5 ℃ . 

After 2.5 hours of ride I reached Sveti Juraj Where I had to turn towards the hills ... to Krasno Polje where I booked my accommodation. 
At this point I made a mistake: if the temperature at the seaside level is around 6.5 ℃, how much   we can expect in the hills which is higher?  Lower. Right. When I realized that the temperature started to fall down to 4 ℃, 2 ℃ ... 0 ℃ !!!! as I just went up to the hills ... Instead of turn back I just continued my way ... even when I reached the snow level and the 0 ℃ !!!!!
After a While I realized that I could not go further because so much amount of snow was on the road. 

So Finally I turned back - there was a snow on the road!!! and went back to Sveti Juraj. But it was not easy since when I started breaking the ABS system of the motorbike started to activate itself.
So it was really - really strange to break so low amount of level in order to the ABS system should not turn on... after a while I successfully passed the snow part and there was " just a water" on the streets because of the rain... 

Finally I arrived safely back to Sveti Juraj. 

The next project was to find an accommodation. After couple of minutes I was able to find one. 

View from the accommodation: