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Nov 24, 2017
Snowboarding Skiing in Colorado

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Thanksgiving is another long weekend, so I decided to travel again to Colorado from Wichita, Kansas - though it's 8.5h of drive till Silverthorne.


I chose an accommodation in Silverthorn because that place is the same distance from A-Basin and Coper Mountain (just the opposite direction.)

Arapahoe Basin:

Copper Mountain:

... and the guest house in Silverthorn (though it's called a Hostel but it's more like a guest house than a hostel):

... and the best part of the day ... sitting into the jacuzzi ... in the garden of guest house:

and finally I ended up visiting a nepalian / indian resataurant because I like indian foods!! 

 It's called Nepal Restaurant in Silverthorn. 

The interior was pretty interesting.