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Case study - Norbi update cash register UI


Designing a cash register UI for a hungarian brand (Norbi Update). It's not an easy thing. Actually it was a so challenging: 

  • The interface should be used not only with keyboard and mouse but later they want to use it as a touch screen
  •  The user interface must be super easy, so obvious, anyone who start using it should learn it super fast.

I've never designed ... so how should I start this project? 

The process

Competitor analysis

I've checked cash registers in shops which has a touch UI and try to memorize the UI and on the other hand I try to search for cash register UIs in the net. I found not too many. Though these two source was enough to have basic ideas about how it should look like.


As a preparation for the whole project we decided to go to some of the franchise's shops and interviewing them in order to understand :

  • how they use right now the cash register machine in different situations 
  • what problems they face
  • what would be the ideal solution for them

After the interview I started designing an interface. 

Then I decided to test it with "real users": I used a pure wireframe format without any color to make sure we are in the right way.

After that test I had to do a very little modification then a graphic designer finished adding "colors" to the UI.

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