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 Design process - Check


The following methods NOT ONLY was used in the third phase in the design process: it also used during the "Think" and the "Make" phase.

User testing

I prefer to do a user test with the help of researcher: a researcher should recruit / organize , I prefer to just being an observer during the test and the researcher evaluate it and create a final report.

  • Moderated user testing: live, or online (using skype, join.me)
  • Not moderated (via usertesting.com )
  • Using 
    • paper prototypes
    • Marvel / POP
    • testing with early version of mobil app
    • testing web projects with clickable prototypes (made in UXPin, Axure, InVision)

A/B testing

Testing different versions of registration screen, after registration screen. 

Card sorting

Asking users to organize / group items.

Reverse card sorting

After creating a new hierarchy / menu structure / information architecture asking users to try to find different items based on describing the items / menus - it's a reverse way of make sure the IA is OK or not.

Comparing two different menu hierarchy 

Measure, Analysis I.

Click count / elapsed time: closing a dialogue with the upper right "X" or click to a link ("Take me there")? 

The Screen we measured:

Screen resolution:

Measure, Analysis II.

Which feature / tools  are used most and which ones are used less:

Measure, Analysis III.

Getting information from DB

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