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 Design process - Make




Information Architecture 

FIT schema: 

FIT = Frequently ( From the user point of view) -  Important (From the app design point of view) -  Typical (What the user could know)

Originally it was used by Google for mobile menus: what should be visible directly and what should be "hided" into a menu. But this method can be used generally - for web for instance: in any situation where we want to decide for an action item (link, button, etc.) wether it should be a DIRECTLY visible in the UI or not (in a menu).

For each group (F - I - T) have questions and trying to answering to that questions based on our knowledge or based on any measurement / analysis / user interview etc. help us determining if the action should be directly visible or not.


Wireframes are good for determining page structure, hierarchy, and key elements. They are ideal for collaboration, iteration, and spec planning.

Rescue Command Center: ability to monitor chats between Agent - Customer by an administrator  

Norbi Update

Cash register design for a retail shops for a Hungarian brand "Norbi Update"

InGage: new version of Remote Control  in the InGage environment


I usually use clickable mockups / prototypes made from wireframes or early UI design provided by the UI designer to make sure our ideas is OK or we have to do some changes / improvements.

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