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Design process - Think


Getting information in different ways about our existing product to design the new version or new product.

I prefer to work together with a researcher: she looks for and organize the user tests, interviews etc. . She leads the interviews / user tests, I'm just a observer / note taker. The researcher evaluate the tests/ interviews and creates a report what I check before it's shared with the product team.

When we do a co-design we do it together: basically it's leaded by the researcher and I just draw but sometimes I ask some specific question when I want to know a specific answer.

Competitive analysis

Doing competitive analysis with competitors product.


Asking our existing customers to get information for designing new version of the product.

User interviews

Interviewing customers and the getting feedback form the users always worth it: The users have a chance to tell us their pain points, problems, what they love in the product what they don't. 

I've done many interviews: most recently with O2 (slovakian mobile operator) - on site and Symantec (online).

Co-Creation / Co-design

Co-Design is the activity when we involve customers into the design process. We create a real life situation which is relevant to the customer during using our product and ask them to imagine an ideal user interface for that specific situation. He has a "magic wand" and can create anything - what is ideal to him.


Creating personas

User scenarios

A scenario with two personas used by the scenario: 

1. Persona: the agent

2. Persona: the customer

3. Scenario with the two personas

Scenarios overview

Jobs stories

Recently instead of using Personas / User stories combo we started using a Job Stories: 

Explaining the situation / a Motivation / and the expected outcome : 

  • The Context: Explaining the situation
  • Motivation: What the user was trying to do
  • Outcome: the expected outcome by the user
  • Negative forces: these are usually anxieties, obstacles, struggles
  • Positive forces: helps the user to achieve what he wants

User flows

A "buy now" flow:

Android app user flow:

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