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Tamás Boczkó's photography masterfully encapsulates the essence of life's significant moments with a unique style and tranquil approach.

His main focus is Portraiture and Business Portrait.

Through his professional technique, he captures the finest attributes of each subject, allowing their true personality to radiate.

The Black And White Mastery

Alongside his specialization in business headshots and portraits, Tamás also demonstrates a keen interest in black and white photography, especially in the field of documentary photos, dance photography, street photos.

With a remarkable talent for capturing distinctive and expressive moments, he skillfully utilizes the surrounding atmosphere to enhance his photos.

Besides Photography Tamas also exhibits a keen interest in motion picture: video portraits as a primary goal, but the role of director is also his goal.

Check out the artistic and black and white photos on the subject here!


Tamás Boczkó's remarkable work has garnered recognition, being showcased in prestigious publications such as Compagnie Pal Frenak (2011-2016) and Auditorium magazine (Berlin) (2013, 2014).​

Additionally, his photographs have graced the covers of notable books.

  • András Gerevich: 16 naplemente (HU) (2014)

  • János Térey: Moll (HU) (2013)

  • Anikó Sándor: Pillangó a vállamon (HU) (2012)


Further establishing his artistic prowess, Tamás has also organized solo exhibitions, giving emphasis to his exceptional artistry (Argentin tango series photos (2013, 2014)

Personal Journey

Tamás was heavily influenced by his father, who had a passion for photography and practiced it as an amateur.

During his trip to Italy in 1999, Tamás took his very first photographs, igniting his love for the art form.

Under his father's guidance, Tamás acquired a deep understanding of both the fundamental and advanced techniques of using analogue cameras, composition principles such as the golden ratio, and more.

Initially, he used analog cameras, but in 2005, he made the transition to digital photography.

Right from the beginning, he found himself captivated by the essence of capturing unrepeatable moments, particularly in activities like dance (with a special focus on Argentine tango and contemporary dance) and various sports.

Although he did attend some courses between 2006 and 2009 for further training, the majority of his knowledge and expertise was self-taught through his dedication as an autodidact.

Throughout his journey until 2011, he gained valuable experience in diverse photographic fields such as reportage, sports, dance, documentary, and even wedding photography.

To expand his skills further, he actively participated in a range of events between 2007 and 2009. These included capturing both performance moments on stage and everyday lifestyle scenes at the Sziget Festival, documenting the Red Bull Air Race air show in Budapest, and photographing a renowned Hungarian climbing competition held near the Aggtelek cave.

- Between 2009 and 2013, Tamás worked as a wedding photographer.

- From 2007 to 2012, he focused on photographing tango dancers during Argentine tango events in Budapest.

- Between 2010 and 2016, he had the pleasure of capturing moments with his favorite contemporary dance group, the Compagnie Pál Frenák, and many of these images were later utilized for promotional purposes.

Nowadays, his primary focus lies in portraiture, particularly in capturing professional business portraits.

Primary Goal

Renowned as an experienced portrait and business portrait photographer, Tamás Boczkó is known for his meticulous approach in capturing the essence of individuals.

Tamas is helping Businesses and Creative Individuals to build relationships and trust with their clients through portraits that demonstrate subtle expressions of confidence, competence, intelligence and  approachability.

His primary goal is to create authentic portraits that genuinely reflect the personalities of his subjects.

During his shoots, he deliberately fosters a relaxed atmosphere, enabling clients to authentically express themselves.

Tamas Boczko
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