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About me


I'm Tamás Boczkó, Photographer, Video Enthusiast :)


  • Business Headshots, Headshots

  • Portraits (Full / half body) - showcase someone’s personality


To show the best side of the person I'm taking a picture of!


Showing your REAL personality through a photo or photo series.

My main focus:

What other areas I’m interested in?

  • the black and white pictorial world. I love making and composing black and white pictures.

  • everything where I can take captured moments.

  • In addition to photography, I am also interested in motion pictures and video: video portraits, short cinematic content, advertising, etc.

How did I fulfill these desires?

E.g.: dance photography, street photos, black and white pictures!

Check out my artistic and black and white photos on the subject here!

My Core values, what makes me unique:

A special atmosphere during the photo shoot.

  • My clients don't even notice, but they begin to feel a relaxed atmosphere when I take photos. With this, they can give themselves, which is one of the keys to an outstanding image!

ability to capture "caught / unrepeatable moments"

  • I can also use my "caught moments" skill very well in portraiture: we put the portrait subject in a position, who thus gives himself with the dissolved atmosphere, and from here I can easily feel what is the most expressive moment when the best image can be captured.

Unique style. Novelty.

  • My goal is to create unique outcome!

  • That's why I'm constantly experimenting, racking my brain for NOVELTY: how can I make something different, UNIQUE, than what I've made so far.


  • Between 2011-2016 Compagnie Pal Frenak many times used / published my photos when they had a new piece

  • My photos from the Compagnie Pal Frenak was also published two times in the Auditorium magazine, Berlin (2013, 2014)

  • Three of my photos had been chosen as a cover photo for these books

    • András Gerevich: 16 naplemente (HU) (2014)

    • János Térey: Moll (2013)

    • Anikó Sándor: Pillangó a vállamon (HU) (2012)


  • 2013, 2014: Solo exhibitions from my Argentin tango series photos

My Story

  • I was influenced by my father, he was an amateur photographer

  • I took my first photos during an Italian trip in 1999

  • I learnt from my father the basic and advanced usage of analogue camera, composition technic, the golden ratio, etc.

  • I used analog camera first and later he changed to digital from 2005

  • Right from the beginning I was interested in the "captured moments" or unrepeatable moments : for instance dance (especially argentin tango, contemporary dance), sports

  • Until 2011 I gained experience in different kinds of photographic fields: reportage, sport, dance, documentary, wedding

  • I used to be a wedding photographer between 2009 - 2013

  • Though I trained myself with some courses between 2006-2009 most of my knowledge come on his own as an autodidact

  • To train myself more I attended to several different events between 2007-2009:

    • Sziget Fesztival - capturing performance moments on the stage and common 'lifestyle' moments

    • Red Bull Air Race air show, Budapest

    • a famous Hungarian climbing competition next to the Aggtelek cave

  • Between 2007-2012 I had taken photos from tango dancers in Argentin tango events in Budapest

  • 2010-2016: I started taking photos of my favourite contemporary dance group: the Compagnie Pál Frenák, they used many of those photos for promotion

  • Between 2008 - 2013 I was a wedding photographer

  • Nowadays I’m focusing on Portraiture, business portraits

Why Portraiture?

Because I noticed that people can quickly dissolve in front of my camera.

And this is the key to being able to give ourselves during a photo session.

The result of this is a photo that makes us say "well, this is me, I like this"!

Tamas Boczko
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