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 Business Headshots / Portraits


Photo shoot in Your Location

On Location we can create the same conditions in terms of lighting, background etc. 

When we are in your location we have more room to create photos: 

(1) like in studio:  "STANDARD" BUSINESS HEADSHOTS in front of white, mid-gray, black or creative black mobile backgrounds 

(2) Taking BUSINESS PORTRAITS (half body or full body) in BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT

We take these photos in YOUR business environment using your creative spaces.

In this photo shoot we also use computer and we can see the photos immediately on the computer screen! We can select the best photos with the person during and right after the shoot makes the whole (post) process more effective!

This type of shoot is at least from 3 people

We pick up our mobile studio equipment and move it to your company's location

Budapest or Hungary? We travel to anywhere in Hungary!

Photos we take


Since these type of photo shoot depends on many things like number of people, backgrounds, style (clothes etc. ), plus besides the "standard" business headshots do you need half- or full body business portraits in your business environment, etc.  

So before I can send to you the offer we need to discuss these details!

So here is the process I would recommend:

(1) Send me a message with the form down below with giving some parameters 

(2) We organize a short (online) meeting where we will discuss the details (it's free)

(3) Afterwards I can send to you a special offer fit your needs 

If you accept the offer we schedule / organize the photo shoot. 

Send me a message about a Business Headshot / Portrait session!

After I received your contact request I'm going to reach out to you to discuss the details!

If you are not sure about either on Your location or In Studio, no problem, just let me know in the message area and we are going to figure out!

Kontakt / Contact person:

Céged / Company details:

Fotózás / Photo shoot:

Helyszín / Location
Helyszíni kiszállás / Your location
Nem tudom / Not sure
Fő / Person
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