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 Business Headshots - Headshots


in this photo shoot type only Headshots will be taken (above the shoulder). 


  • welcoming, instructions 

  • selecting clothes if you have multiply sets

  • photoshoot:

    • 2 background (minimum), usually mid-grey and white: 30 - 45 mins. 

    • 3 background: mid-grey, white plus 'creative' black (with white): 45 - 60 min

  • taking photos directly to a computer, so we can select the photos on computer during and after the photoshoot


  • For men: 90 mins. 

  • For Women: 90-120 mins.

(Typically we finish earlier)

The Studio

In Budapest, Buda Side, Near Margit krt.

Photo shoot in studio - for one person

Service contains:

Send me a message to organize a (Business) Headshot session!


Photoshoot: 170 EUR / 1 person

(includes 2 retouched images)

In case of group of people we can offer a special price.

Retouching of additional images: 

Post-Processing, Retouch fee: 40 EUR / image

Make-up for woman: we can organize Make-up if requested for additional price.

The prices are net prices but contains 0 Ft VAT.