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 Business Headshots - Headshots

Reviews the photos together

You can see the photos immediately. We can share our feedback with each other.

At the end of the session I’ll help you select the best shots!

Shots on your schedule

You have only 30 mins ? or have you selected dozens of outfit ? I work around your needs and never make you feel rushed.

Makes it fun

Natural smile is the key. I’ll do my best to get that smile out of you!

Building connection

Confidence and authenticity comes from the eyes

Finding the right tone

From executives to startup leader or creative individuals

Personalized session

Finding the best lighting, background colors

Find your best side

I’ll help you find the best posture, angle, emotions for an authentic smile

How? My process


in this photo shoot type only Headshots will be taken (above the shoulder). 


  • selecting clothes if you have multiply sets

  • photoshoot:

    • 2 background (minimum), usually mid-grey and white: 30 - 45 mins. 

    • 3 background: mid-grey, white plus 'creative' black (with white): 45 - 60 min

  • taking photos directly to a computer, so we can select the photos on computer during and after the photoshoot


  • For men: 90 mins. 

  • For Women: 90-120 mins.

(Typically we finish earlier)

The Studio

In Budapest, Buda Side, Near Margit krt.

Photo shoot in studio - for one person

Service contains:


Photoshoot: 250 EUR / 1 person

(includes 2 retouched images)

In case of group of people we can offer a special price.

Retouching of additional images: 

Post-Processing, Retouch fee: 50 EUR / image

Make-up for woman: we can organize Make-up if requested for additional price.

The prices are net prices but contains 0 Ft VAT.