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In this photo shoot type Headshots + half body and / or Full body photos will be taken. We are going to discuss which ones do you need for your purpose.

Photo session:

  • selecting clothes if you have multiply sets

  • during the photo shoot:

    • try different backgrounds: mid-grey, white plus 'creative' black (with white), or other types

    • plus besides the standing photos sitting behind a table or in something will be taken as well

  • during the photoshoot we select photos on computer , after the photo shoot we finalize the selection


  • For men: cc. 120 - 150 mins.  

  • For Women: 120-180 mins.

Photoshoot in studio

Service contains:

Send me a message to organize a 'Portrait - Image' portfolio session!


Photoshoot: 400 EUR / 1 person

(includes 1 retouched images)

Retouching of additional images: 

Post-Processing, Retouch fee: 50 EUR / image

Make-up for woman: we can organize Make-up if requested for additional price.

The prices are net prices but contains 0 Ft VAT. 


  1. In a Photo studio in Budapest, II. District (Close to Mechwart liget)

  2. In a theme studio (see above)

  3. Outdoor / On location

Helyszín / Location
Műterem / Studio
Egyéb / Misc

After I received your contact request I'm going to reach out to you to discuss: 

  • the time of the photoshoot best fit for you

  • the most appropriate image style for the purpose of use (if necessary)

We can also organize a photoshoot in one of these special 'theme' studios (rental of this studio not included in the prices below): 




​Photo session:

  • optional consulting on phone

  • we are going to discuss in advance the purpose of the photos: what is the exact goal / usage

  • choosing the most appropriate image style for the purpose of use:

    • setup, face expression, smile, lighting, style​

  • styling consulting: selecting the best clothes / sets you brought​

  • photoshoot

  • selecting images together on computer, suggestions for the best ones

  • online gallery for 3 month (you can order additional images during this period)

  • the price of the photoshoot contains 2 images for retouching

Photoshoot in a 'theme' studio

​Post-Processing, Retouching includes:

  • the post-process / retouch of the selected images

  • providing each selected image in two version: original (high)resolution + optimized for web

Because of quality reasons I provide only post processed / retouched photos , NO raw photos. 

you can see the raw photos in the online gallery only. 

Photoshoot outdoor / location

We can also take the photoshoot in a special location. Let us know where you would like to!

Copyright and usage

​The copyright of the photos belongs to the photographer, this cannot be transferred.

​The retouched images include the copyright for the use of the images for your own / personal purposes. This means that you can use the images to promote yourself and your business without limits.

if you want to use your images for advertisements or sell them to a third party / appears in a magazin please contact us for custom prices by specifying the user's legal entity, purpose of use and location.

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